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With today’s global trend, it is really tough to transfer your recruits and to get new recruits internationally. KTS Legal’s immigration team can help you get aside those difficulties and help you to go through the immigration law complexities in a much smoother manner. We can help to get your needed workforce to whichever place you want and at the right time. Our highly skilled immigration team provides advice on private organizations, high level corporate clients, investors and entrepreneurs who come to work or live in London. Regarding the private individuals, we can also help them to move their families and recruits to any part of the UK.

Business immigration:

We assist our corporate clients to get the right recruits in the right place, at the right time. We deal with all aspects of business immigration, including:

  • Sponsor Licenses
  • Transfers within the European Union
  • Refusals and Judicial Review
  • Sponsored Skilled Workers&Temporary Workers
  • Global Migration Planning

Personal immigration:

We provide all kinds of advice to our private clients; from moving their family temporarily or on a permanent basis. This could also include individuals moving to find a career or start a business. Our personal immigration assistance mainly includes:

  • Investors
  • Graduate Entrepreneurs & Students
  • Exceptionally Talented Migrants
  • British Nationality & Ancestry
  • Highly Skilled Migrant &Family migration

EU/EEA – UK Immigration:

Are you worried as a result of BREXIT? We provide expert advice and help to EU/EEA citizens who are in the UK in their applications for residence cards or to bring members of their family (either EU/EEA or Non-Eu/EEA) into UK, whether the family members are EEA citizens or non- EEA citizens:

  • EEA Citizen’s Family Permit Visas
  • EEA Marriage and relationships visas
  • Permanent Residence Card
  • Family Residence Card
  • Derivative Residence Card
  • UK Ancestory Visa
  • Right of Abode
  • Working as Croatian national in UK
  • Appeals

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