Five things to remember when applying for a spouse visa

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Five things to remember when applying for a Spouse Visa

by Red Square London Solicitors

Meenu – immigration solicitor from Red Square London will answer the immigration directory’s weekly blog question.


The actual marriage certificate, translated and certified if not in English.


Evidence you have met – to disregard shame marriages and forced marriages. So a witness statement of how you met is a good idea.


Evidence that the relationship is subsisting – so communication records between the two, flight tickets to show you travel to see one another.


Inventory report as evidence to show when spouse joins you in the UK there is sufficient space for them to live with you. There is no overcrowding involved. An inventory report is the best form of evidence.


Maintenance requirement – you must check the guidelines – if you are just inviting a spouse with no dependants then you must earn £18.600 pa if you do not earn this then you will have to look at savings. Again this can be complex so its advisable you seek a solicitor.

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